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Scilab help >> GUI > uigetfile


dialog window to get a file(s) name(s), path and filter index

Calling Sequence


Input parameters


a string matrix which gives the file masks to use for file selection. file_mask is written with Unix convention. The default value is '*'.

we can also add descriptions for masks, for example ["*.x*","X files";"*.bin","BIN files"].


a character string which gives the initial directory used for file search. By default uigetfile uses the previously selected directory.


a character string which gives the title of the uigetfile window. By default uigetfile's title is 'uigetfile'.


a boolean which allows to load only one file if it is at '%f' (false) or multiple files if it is at '%t" (true). By default uigetfile's multiple file selection is not enable.

Output parameters


matrix of string which give the user selected file(s) (path + file(s) name(s)) if user answers "Ok" or the " " string if user answers "Cancel".


is the user selected file(s) path if user answers "Ok" or the " " string if user answers "Cancel".


is the user selected filter index on the list box if user answers "Ok" or '0' string if user answers "Cancel"


Creates a dialog window for file(s) selection.


On Windows, java component used by uigetfile browse also .zip archive then it is very slow with big .zip files.

To disable, this feature:

if getos() == 'Windows' then unix("REGSVR32 /u %WINDIR%\System32\zipfldr.dll") ;end

To re-enable,

if getos() == 'Windows' then unix("REGSVR32 %WINDIR%\System32\zipfldr.dll") ;end


            uigetfile(["*.x*","X files";"*.bin","BIN files"],"SCI/modules/gui/macros/")
            uigetfile(["*.sce";"*.bin"],"SCI/modules/gui/macros/", "Choose a file name", %t); 
            uigetfile(["*.sce";"*.bin"],"SCI/modules/gui/macros/", "Choose a file name", %f);

See Also

  • uiputfile — Open standard dialog box for selecting and saving file.
  • uigetdir — dialog for selecting a directory
  • x_dialog — Dialog for interactive multi-lines input.
  • file — file management
  • read — matrices read
  • write — write in a formatted file
  • exec — script file execution
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