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(/) right division and feed back


Right division. x=A / b is the solution of x*b=A.

b/a = (a' \ b')'.

a./ b is the matrix with entries a(i,j)/ b(i,j). If b is scalar (1x1 matrix) this operation is the same as a./b*ones(a). (Same convention if a is a scalar).

Remark that 123./b is interpreted as (123.)/b. In this cases dot is part of the number not of the operator.

Backslash stands for left division.

System feed back. S=G/.K evaluates S=G*(eye()+K*G)^(-1) this operator avoid simplification problem.

Remark that G/.5 is interpreted as G/(.5). In such cases dot is part of the number, not of the operator.

Comment // comments a line i.e. lines which begin by // are ignored by the interpreter.

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