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Scilab documentation format

on line help XML file description format


The on line help source files are written in XML.

Source files (with extension .xml) can be found in the <SCIDIR>/modules/<MODULE NAME>/help/<language>/* directories. The file name is usually associated to a keyword (corresponding to a function name most of the cases) it describes.

A few words about XML

An XML file resembles to a HTML file but with a more rigid syntax. The documentation of Scilab must be written using the strict subset of DocBook 5 defined in SCI/modules/helptools/schema/scilab.rnc. DocBook 5 elements are fully documented in "DocBook 5.0: The Definitive Guide"

Scilab is able to understand a large subset of Docbook tags. However, if any are missing, a bug report can be reported on the Scilab bug tracker.

How to write a simple XML scilab help page:

If one want to write the XML file associated to a new scilab function he or she may use the Scilab function help_skeleton to produce the skeleton of the XML file. In most cases, the user will not be required to know XML syntax.

How to write a simple XML scilab help page: an example

The root element of a document which conforms to the Scilab DocBook 5 subset must have version attribute set to "5.0-subset Scilab".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <refentry xmlns:scilab="" xml:id="foo" xml:lang="en"


function y=foo(a, b, c)
            y = a + 2 * b + c;
            path = help_skeleton('foo', TMPDIR)
            if (isdef('editor') | (funptr('editor')<>0)) then

Generated foo.xml in TMPDIR:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            * Add some comments about XML file
            <refentry xmlns:scilab="" xml:id="foo" xml:lang="en"
            <pubdate>$LastChangedDate: 29-11-2010 $</pubdate>
            <refpurpose>Add short description here. </refpurpose>
            <title>Calling Sequence</title>
            <synopsis>y = foo(a,b,c)</synopsis>
            Add here the input argument description.
            Add here the input argument description.
            Add here the input argument description.
            Add here the output argument description.
            Add here a paragraph of the function description. 
            Other paragraph can be added 
            <para>With a latex expression
            f(x,a,r) = \frac{1}{r^{-a}\Gamma(a)} \int_0^x t^{a-1} \exp\left(-rt\right) dt
            <title>More information</title>
            <note><para>A note about foo</para></note>
            <caution><para>A caution about foo</para></caution>
            <warning><para>A warsning about foo</para></warning>
            <important><para>A important about foo</para></important>
            <tip><para>A tip about foo</para></tip>
            <programlisting role="example"><![CDATA[
            Add here scilab instructions and comments
            <title>See Also</title>
            <simplelist type="inline">
            <link linkend="add a reference name" >add a reference</link>
            <link linkend="add a reference name">add a reference</link>
            <simplelist type="vert">
            <member>add the author name and author reference</member>
            <member>add another author name and it's reference</member>
            Add here the function bibliography
            <revdescription>Function foo added</revdescription>
            <title>Used Functions</title>
            Add here the Scilab, C,... used code references

How to create a help chapter

Create a directory and write down a set of XML files build as described above. Then start Scilab and execute xmltojar (see xmltojar for more details) .

How to make Scilab know a new help chapter

This can be done by the function add_help_chapter.

List of docbook supported tags

Generic tags

refentry A reference page
section A recursive section
book A book
part A division in a book
chapter A chapter, as of a book
title The text of the title of a section of a document or of a formal block-level element
para A paragraph
literal Inline text that is some literal value
refnamediv The name, purpose, and classification of a reference page
refname The name of (one of) the subject(s) of a reference page
refpurpose A short (one sentence) synopsis of the topic of a reference page
refsynopsisdiv A syntactic synopsis of the subject of the reference page
synopsis A general-purpose element for representing the syntax of commands or functions
refsection A recursive section in a refentry
programlisting A literal listing of all or part of a program
screen Text that a user sees or might see on a computer screen
pubdate The date of publication of a document
link A hypertext link
ulink A link that addresses its target by means of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
xref A cross reference to another part of the document
term The word or phrase being defined or described in a variable list
emphasis Emphasized text
informalequation A displayed mathematical equation without a title
subscript A subscript (as in H2O, the molecular formula for water)
superscript A superscript (as in x2, the mathematical notation for x multiplied by itself)
replaceable Content that may or must be replaced by the user
caption A caption
surname A family name; in western cultures the 'last name'
firstname The first name of a person
bibliomset A 'cooked' container for related bibliographic information
bibliomixed An entry in a Bibliography

List tags:

simplelist An undecorated list of single words or short phrases
member An element of a simple list
listitem A wrapper for the elements of a list item
varlistentry A wrapper for a set of terms and the associated description in a variable list
variablelist A list in which each entry is composed of a set of one or more terms and an associated description
itemizedlist A list in which each entry is marked with a bullet or other dingbat
orderedlist A list in which each entry is marked with a sequentially incremented label

Table tags:

table A formal table in a document
informaltable A table without a title
tbody A wrapper for the rows of a table or informal table
tr A row in an HTML table
td A table entry in an HTML table
th A table header entry in an HTML table

Image tags:

imagedata Pointer to external image data
imageobject A wrapper for image data and its associated meta-information
inlinemediaobject An inline media object (video, audio, image, and so on)
screenshot A representation of what the user sees or might see on a computer screen
mediaobject A displayed media object (video, audio, image, etc.)

FAQ tags:

question A question in a QandASet
answer An answer to a question posed in a QandASet
qandaentry A question/answer set within a QandASet
qandaset A question-and-answer set

History tags:

revhistory A history of the revisions to a document
revision An entry describing a single revision in the history of the revisions to a document
revnumber A document revision number
revremark A description of a revision to a document
revdescription A extended description of a revision to a document

Information tags:

note A message set off from the text
warning An admonition set off from the text
caution A note of caution
tip A suggestion to the user, set off from the text
important An admonition set off from the text

Scilab specific tag:

latexScilab proprietary tag to write directly LaTeX expression in the help pages


5.4.0 Management of tags <note>, <caution>, <warning>, <important> and <tip>

See Also

  • apropos — searches keywords in Scilab help
  • help — on-line help command
  • help_skeleton — build the skeleton of the xml help file associated to a Scilab function
  • help_from_sci — Generate help files and demo files from the head comments section of a .sci source file.
  • xmltojar — converts xml Scilab help files to javaHelp format
  • add_help_chapter — Add an entry in the help list
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