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label x-axis


label y-axis


label z-axis

Calling Sequence

xlabel("string label")
xlabel("string label", "PropertyName", PropertyValue)
ylabel("string label")
ylabel("string label", "PropertyName", PropertyValue)
zlabel("string label")
zlabel("string label", "PropertyName", PropertyValue)


"string label"

a string: labels the axis of the current axes


a string: a property name


a property value


Each axes graphics object can have one label for the x-, y-, and z-axis.

The label appears beneath its respective axis in a two-dimensional plot and to the side or beneath the axis in a three-dimensional plot.


xlabel(["first line";"second line"])
ylabel("A label on y axis", "fontsize", 6)

See Also

  • title — Exibe um título em uma janela gráfica
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