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About M2SCI tools

Generally speaking about tools to convert Matlab files to Scilab


Scilab includes useful tools to convert Matlab M-files to Scilab.

Taking a Matlab M-file, mfile2sci modifies this files so that it can be compiled by Scilab. After that this compiled code is converted to a "tree" of instructions by macr2tree. This "tree" is an imbrication of Scilab lists and tlists and is the basis for conversion. Each instruction of this "tree" is converted to Scilab and inference is done to known what are the variables. Once this "tree" is converted to Scilab, code is generated using tree2code.

All tlists used for coding this tree (and we call "MSCI tlists") are listed below:

  • funcall

    tlist representing a function call created by Funcall


    tlist representing an operation created by Operation


    tlist representing a variable created by Variable


    tlist representing a constant created by Cste


    tlist representing an instruction created by Equal


    tlist representing an IF/THEN/ELSE control instruction created inside M2SCI kernel functions


    tlist representing a WHILE control instruction created inside M2SCI kernel functions


    tlist representing a SELECT/CASE control instruction created inside M2SCI kernel functions


    tlist representing a FOR control instruction created inside M2SCI kernel functions

The contents of these tlists is described in corresponding help pages.

Operations are converted using a fonction named %<opcode>2sci with opcode the Scilab code for this operator. See help page for overloading to have these codes. All these functions are already written and are in directory SCI/modules/m2sci/macros/percent/.

Function calls are converted using a function called sci_<Matlab_function_name>. Some of these functions have been written and are in directory SCI/modules/m2sci/macros/sci_files/. We are working on increasing the set of Matlab functions converted. However, everybody can written such functions using help page sci_files.

Inference is done using tlists of type "infer" containing fields:

  • dims

    list of dimensions


    "type" tlist


    "contents" tlist if a Cell or a Struct

Type is a tlist of type "type" containing fields:

  • vtype

    data type



To have more details about inference see help page for m2scideclare.

See Also

  • mfile2sci — Matlab M-file to Scilab conversion function
  • translatepaths — convert a set of Matlab M-files directories to Scilab
  • overloading — capacidades de overloading ("sobrecarga") de exibições, funções e operadores
  • sci_files — How to write conversion functions
  • Funcall — Create a tree representing a function call
  • Operation — Create a tree representing an operation
  • Variable — Create a tree representing a variable
  • Cste — Create a tree representing a constant
  • Infer — Create a tree containing inference data
  • Type — Create a tree containing type inference data
  • Equal — Create a tree representing an instruction
  • m2scideclare — Giving tips to help M2SCI...


  • V.C.
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