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Scilab help >> PVM parallel Toolbox > pvm_joingroup


enrolls the calling process in a named group.

Calling Sequence

[inum] = pvm_joingroup(group)



string, string group name of an existing group.


integer, instance number returned by the routine.


pvm_joingroup enrolls the calling task in the group named group and returns the instance number of this task in this group.

The returned value will be >= 0 if the call is successful and will be will be < 0 if some error occurs.

Instance numbers start at 0 and count up. When using groups a (group, inum) pair uniquely identifies a PVM process. This is consistent with the PVM 2.4 naming schemes. If a task leaves a group by calling pvm_lvgroup and later rejoins the same group, the task is not guaranteed to get the same instance number. PVM attempts to reuse old instance numbers, so when a task joins a group it will get the lowest available instance number. A task can be a member of multiple groups simultaneously.

See Also

  • pvm_lvgroup — Unenrolls the calling process from a named group.
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