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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Elementary Functions > Matrix manipulation > resize_matrix


create a new matrix with a different size

Calling Sequence

resMat = resize_matrix(mat,nbRow,nbCol,[typeOfMat])



input matrix from which the resized matrix will be created.


number of row of the resized matrix.


number of column of the resized matrix.


caracter string, type name of the resized matrix.


resized matrix.


Create a matrix of size nbRow x nbCol and whose elements (i,j) are mat(i,j) if (i,j) is in the range of the input matrix. Otherwise elements (i,j) are 0 for real or integer matrices, %f for boolean matrices and an empty string for string matrices.

The type of the output matrix may be modified by specifying the typeOfMat argument. In this case, be sure that the input matrix type is compatible with this one.

For now, only real, integer matrices, boolean and character string matrices are supported. This means that typeOfMat must be chosen within: 'constant', 'boolean', 'string' or any integer type ('int8', 'int16',...).


// number matrix
myMat = 5 * rand( 3, 4 )
myMat = resize_matrix( myMat, 3, 3 ) // reduce the matrix size
myMatInteger = resize_matrix( myMat, 4, 4, 'int32' ) // create a integer matrix
myMatBoolean = resize_matrix( myMat, 2, 2, 'boolean' )
myMatBoolean = resize_matrix( myMatBoolean, 3, 5 )

// string matrix
myMatString = ["Scilab","the";"Open Source","Scientific";"Software","Package"]
myMatString = resize_matrix( myMatString, 3, 1 )

See Also

  • matrix — reshape a vector or a matrix to a different size matrix
  • size — size of objects
  • typeof — object type


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