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Aide Scilab >> Calculs Parallèles avec PVM > pvm_config


sends a message

Calling Sequence

res = pvm_config()



list of 7 elements such that:



integer returning the number of different data formats being used.


integer returning pvmd task ID for host.


character string returning name of host.


character string returning architecture name of host


integer returning relative speed of host. Default value is 1000.


integer status code returned by the routine.


pvm_config returns information about the present virtual machine. The information returned is similar to that available from the console command.

The pvm_config function returns information about the entire virtual machine in one call.

The returned value res(7)will be zero if the call is successful and will be will be < 0 if some error occurs.


if pvm_start()==0 then
  res = pvm_config()

See Also

  • pvm_start — Start the PVM daemon
  • pvm_tasks — information about the tasks running on the virtual machine.
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