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Make new directory

Calling Sequence

status=mkdir( ... )
[status,msg]=mkdir( ... )


mkdir('dirname') creates the directory dirname in the current directory, if dirname represents a relative path. Otherwise, dirname represents an absolute path and mkdir attempts to create the absolute directory dirname

mkdir('parentdir','dirname') creates the directory dirname in the existing directory parentdir, where parentdir is an absolute or relative pathname.

[status,message] = mkdir(...,'dirname') creates the directory dirname in the existing directory parentdir, returning the status, a message. Here, status is 1 for success, 2 if it already exists, -2 if it is a filename and 0 otherwise.


// Absolute pathname
status_2 = mkdir(TMPDIR+"/mkdir_example_2")
[status_3,msg_3] = mkdir(TMPDIR+"/mkdir_example_3")

// Absolute pathname (parentdir + dirname)
[status_4,msg_4] = mkdir(TMPDIR,"mkdir_example_4")

// Relative pathname
[status_5,msg_5] = mkdir("mkdir_example_5")
[status_6,msg_6] = mkdir("mkdir_example_5/mkdir_example_6")

See Also

  • cd
  • dir — get file list
  • rmdir — Remove a directory


  • A.C
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