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unobservable subspace

Calling Sequence



A, C

real matrices


tolerance used when evaluating ranks (QR factorizations).


dimension of unobservable subspace.


orthogonal change of basis which puts (A,B) in canonical form.


[n,[U]]=unobs(A,C,[tol]) gives the unobservable form of an (A,C) pair. The n first columns of U make a basis for the unobservable subspace.

The (2,1) block (made of last nx-n rows and n first columns) of U'*A*U is zero and and the n first columns of C*U are zero.



See Also

  • contr — controllability, controllable subspace, staircase
  • contrss — controllable part
  • canon — canonical controllable form
  • cont_mat — controllability matrix
  • spantwo — soma e interseção de subespaços
  • dt_ility — detectability test
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