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Return a pointer to a double to access data stored at a given position in the Scilab memory

Calling Sequence




the position in the Scilab memory of the variable to be accessed (input argument)


This C gateway function returns a pointer to a double to access data stored at a given position in the Scilab memory .

WARNING: This API is deprecated from Scilab 5.2.0 and is going to be removed with Scilab 6.0. Please use API Scilab (the new Scilab API).


#include <stack-c.h>

int sci_myones(char * fname)
  int m_row, n_col, l_pos;
  m_row = 1; n_col = 1; // We create a scalar
  CreateVar(1, MATRIX_OF_DOUBLE_DATATYPE, &m_row, &n_col, &l_pos);

  *stk(l_pos) = 1.0; // We store the value 1.0 in the area allocated by CreateVar

  LhsVar(1) = 1; // We set the parameter 1 created by CreateVar as an output parameter
                   // of the gateway function

  return 0;

See Also

  • Scilab C Type — the C types available in a C gateway
  • CreateVar — a C gateway function which allows to create a new Scilab parameter
  • LhsVar — a C gateway function which specifies which parameters created inside the C gateway will be returned as an output argument into Scilab.
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