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Function for running xcos simulation in batch mode

Calling Sequence




This function is used to simulate xcos diagrams in batch mode. It requires the scs_m structure which can be obtained by loading in Scilab the .cos file (e.g. load mydiagram.cos).

Contrary to the function , the diagram need not be compiled before being saved.



  • scs_m : xcos diagram (obtained by "load file.cos"). Note that the version of file.cos must be the current version. If not, load into xcos and save.

  • Info : a list. It must be list() at the first call, then use output Info as input Info for the next calls. Info contains compilation and simulation information and is used to avoid recompilation when not needed.

  • %scicos_context : a Scilab struct containing values of symbolic variables used in the context and xcos blocks. This is often used to change a parameter in the diagram context. In that case, make sure that in the diagram context the variable is defined such that it can be modified. Say a variable "a" is to be defined in the context having value 1, and later in batch mode, we want to change the value of "a". In that case, in the context of the diagram place: if exists('a') then a=1,end If you want then to run the simulation in batch mode using the value a=2, set: %scicos_context.a=2

  • flag : string. If it equals 'nw' (no window), then blocks using graphical windows are not executed. Note that the list of such blocks must be updated as new blocks are added.

  • Info : contains compilation and simulation information and is used to avoid recompilation when not needed. Normally it should not be modified.

File content

  • SCI/modules/scicos/macros/scicos_auto/scicos_simulate.sci


Ramine Nikoukhah - INRIA

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