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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 6.1.1. This page might be outdated.
See the recommended documentation of this function

Scilab manual >> API Scilab > integer > createScalarInteger8


Create scalar integer variable.

Calling Sequence

int createScalarInteger8(void* _pvCtx, int _iVar, char cData)
int createScalarInteger16(void* _pvCtx, int _iVar, short sData)
int createScalarInteger32(void* _pvCtx, int _iVar, int iData)
int createScalarUnsignedInteger8(void* _pvCtx, int _iVar, unsigned char ucData)
int createScalarUnsignedInteger16(void* _pvCtx, int _iVar, unsigned short usData)
int createScalarUnsignedInteger32(void* _pvCtx, int _iVar, unsigned int uiData)



Scilab environment pointer, pass in "pvApiCtx" provided by api_scilab.h.


Position in the Scilab memory where you want to put the variable.


Integer 8 bits value.


Integer 16 bits value.


Integer 32 bits value.


Unsigned integer 8 bits value.


Unsigned integer 16 bits value.


Unsigned integer 32 bits value.

Return value

if successful 0, otherwise print error(s) message(s) in the Scilab console and returns first error number.

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