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Define a scs_m structure


Type : scilab tlist of type "diagram" with fields : props, objs and version.


Diagram properties.

This entry contains various information such some main diagram initials values.

Type : params .


List of objects included in the Xcos diagram.

The objects can also be deleted object data structure. Deleted object data structure is marked list('Deleted'). This objects are temporaries that will be removed on save or load.

Size : total number of objects in the diagram.

Type : list of "Block", "Link" or "Text".


A string that gives the version of the Xcos diagram. This is used to provide compatibility with old diagram.

Note that you can get the current version of Xcos by using the entry 'About Xcos' in the help menu or by using the function get_scicos_version().

Size : 1.

Type : String.


loadXcosLibs();              // load standard library

scs_m = scicos_diagram();    // new diagram
tree_show(scs_m);            // display it
scs_m = scicos_diagram(),
scs_m.props.title = "My_new_schema"
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