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converts a path to an OS path format.


paths = pathconvert(paths)
paths = pathconvert(paths, flagtrail)
paths = pathconvert(paths, flagtrail, flagexpand)
paths = pathconvert(paths, flagtrail, flagexpand, type)



a string matrix giving a set of file paths


optional boolean, used to add a trailing file separator to the paths (\ or /, depending on the target path format). Default value is true (%t).


optional boolean, used to expand leading variables in paths. Default value is true (%t).


optional string, used to specify the target path format: 'u' for POSIX path format (GNU/Linux,...), and 'w' for Windows path format.


pathconvert is used to convert a set of paths, to be compatible with an OS (Operating System) path format. For example Windows path style uses / for file separator, while it is \ on other OS.

By default, the paths are converted to the current OS path format (but another path format can be specified with argument type).

When some Windows-like paths starting with a drive letter like "C:" are converted to a non-Windows format, the drive letter is then converted using the cygwin convention, with the /cygdrive/ header. For example, C:\tmp will be converted to /cygdrive/C/tmp.

flagtrail is used to add or remove a file separator (depending on the target path format) to the end of paths. When the parameter is set to true, a trailing file separator is added if missing. Otherwise, the trailing file separators are removed.

flagexpand is used to expand the leading Scilab environment variables in paths. The following variables are accepted:

  • SCI
  • WSCI
  • home (or ~)
WSCI is unknown on GNU/Linux and ~ in term "path" is unknown on Windows.


pathconvert("SCI/modules/foo", %f, %t, "w")
pathconvert("SCI\modules\foo", %f, %t, "u")
pathconvert("SCI\modules\foo", %t, %t, "u")
pathconvert("SCI/modules/foo", %f, %f, "w")
pathconvert("SCI/modules/foo", %t, %f, "w")
pathconvert("C:/tmp", %f, %f, "u")
pathconvert("/cygdrive/c/tmp", %f, %f, "w")

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5.2.0 flagtrail=%f now removes existing trailing "/" or "\" separators.
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