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resets binary file access errors


flag = mclearerr([fd])



a scalar: the fd parameter returned by the function mopen. -1 stands for last opened file. Default value is -1.


a boolean: %T if fd points to a valid file identifier and %F else.


The function mclearerr is used to reset the error indicator and EOF indicator to zero.

See also

  • merror — tests the file access errors indicator
  • mclose — closes opened files
  • mopen — opens files in Scilab
  • mput — writes byte or word in a given binary format
  • mget — parses numbers in a binary file and returns them as decimals
  • mgetstr — reads a character string from a file
  • mputstr — write a single text in an open file
  • meof — checks if end of file has been reached
  • mseek — sets current position in a binary file
  • mtell — Returns the offset of the current byte relative to the beginning of a file


6.0.0 A flag indicating the file identifier validity is now returned.
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