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Generates the Scilab internal code representing a variable (without its content)


var = Variable(name, infer)



variable name (character string)


inference data (a tlist of type "infer", see Infer help page)


a "variable" tlist


This function create a tlist representing a variable when using M2SCI. All input parameters values are verified to be compatible with "M2SCI tlists".

Colon is a predefined Variable containing the pseudo-code representing a colon. It can be used as is as a "ALL" index, for instance in insertion or extraction operations.


Let's defined the pseudo-code representing a variable a aimed to be a 3x5 matrix of strings:

s.a_code = Variable("a", Infer(list(1,1),Type(String,Unknown)))
--> s.a_code = Variable("a", Infer(list(3,5),Type(String,Unknown)))
 s  =
  a_code: [variable] tlist with fields:
      name = "a"
      infer: [infer] tlist with fields:
          dims: list:
              (1) = 3
              (2) = 5
          type: [type] tlist with fields:
              vtype = 10
              property = -1
          contents: [contents] tlist with fields:
              index:  empty list()
              data:  empty list()

See also

  • Funcall — Create the converted pseudo-code representing a function call
  • Operation — Generates the Scilab pseudo-code representing an operation
  • Cste — Create a tree representing a constant
  • Infer — Create a tree containing inference data
  • Contents — Create a tree containing contents inference data
  • Type — Create a tree containing type inference data
  • Equal — Generates the Scilab internal code representing an instruction "LHS = RHS"


6.1.1 Predefined variable Colon added.
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