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Generate loader and unloader scripts (toolbox compilation process)


tbx_build_loader(toolbox_name)                 // obsolete
tbx_build_loader(toolbox_name, toolbox_path)   // obsolete



a single string. Root directory of toolbox sources ; the script will be generated here (default: current directory). The file toolbox_path/etc/*.start must exist. The toolbox_name is retrieved from its basename.

toolbox_name (obsolete)

a single string. Toolbox short name ; the library and help chapter name when generating the default loader.


// Recommended usage, from any builder.sce:


tbx_build_loader is used for generating the loader and unloader files of a toolbox. This macro is usally called from the builder.sce script when creating a toolbox.

The name of the toolbox is retrieved from the name of the .start file present in the etc directory.

If the file toolbox_path/etc/*.start is not empty (even not a single space) tbx_build_loader generates a loader.sce script that will executes it at toolbox startup. Otherwise, a default loader.sce file performing the following is generated:

  1. loads the lib inside the macros/ directory, if it exists;
  2. executes the loader files in sci_gateway/ directory, if it exists;
  3. executes the loader files in src/java/ directory, if it exists;
  4. loads the help from the jar/ directory, if it exists;
  5. loads the demos in the demos/ directory, if it exists;
  6. loads the GUI preference configuration file in etc, if it exists.

Also generates an unloader file calling the etc .quit file, if it exists.


5.4.0 This function generates also an unloader.sce script
  • Syntaxes using toolbox_name are declared obsolete.
  • The toolbox_skeleton.start file is now empty.
  • When ~/etc/toolbox.start is empty, tbx_build_loader now creates the default loader.sce content that was formerly in the default toolbox.start file.
  • tbx_build_loader now creates a default unloader.sce file when there is no ~/etc/toolbox.quit file.
  • loader.sce and unloader.sce can no longer modify current mode() and lines() settings in case of inner error.
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