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Please note that the recommended version of Scilab is 5.5.0. This page might be outdated.
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Scilab help >> Graphics > annotation > xtitle


add titles on a graphics window

Calling Sequence



title,x_label,y_label, z_label

matrices of strings.

Starting from Scilab 5.2, it is possible to write LaTeX or MathML expression.


a sequence of statements key1=value1, key2=value2 ,... where keys may be boxed (see below). In this case, the order has no special meaning.


an integer value. If it is 1, a box is drawn around each title.


xtitle add titles on a 2D or 3D plot. title is the general title and x_label, y_label and z_label are the titles on the three axis. If the arguments are matrices, each line of the matrices is displayed on a different line.

Enter the command xtitle() to see a demo.


plot3d() ;
// puts the titles
xtitle( 'My surface is blue', 'X axis', 'Y axis', 'Z axis' ) ;
// draw a box around the titles
xtitle( 'My surface is blue', 'X axis', 'Y axis', 'Z axis', boxed = 1 );

// With LaTeX & MathML:
mathml="<mrow>      <mfrac>        <mrow>          <mi>d</mi>          <mi>y</mi>        </mrow>        <mrow>          <mi>d</mi>          <mi>x</mi>        </mrow>      </mfrac>      <mo>=</mo>      <mfrac>        <mn>1</mn>        <msup>          <mi>y</mi>          <mn>2</mn>        </msup>      </mfrac>    </mrow>";

xtitle( 'My surface is blue', 'X axis', '$Y axis$', mathml );

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