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fft (Matlab function)

Discrete Fourier transform

Matlab/Scilab equivalent

Matlab Scilab

Particular cases

Y = fft(X)

If X is a vector then Scilab equivalent for Matlab fft(X) is fft(X) or fft(X,-1). If X is a matrix then Scilab equivalent for Matlab fft(X) is fft(X,-1,1).

Y = fft(X,n) /Y = fft(X,n,dim) / Y = fft(X,[],dim)

The Scilab fft function does not handle The padding or trunction specified by n. It can be done before the call to fft: one can use: if n>size(x,'*') then x($:n)=0 else x=x(1:n);end;fft(x) or for simplicity call the mtlb_fft emulation function.

The Y = fft(X,[],dim) Matlab syntax is equivalent to Y = fft(X,dim) Scilab syntax.


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