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  • bezoutGCD of two polynomials or two integers, by the Bezout method
  • chepolChebychev polynomials
  • cmndredcommon denominator form
  • coeffpolynomial coefficients
  • coffgCo-factors of a matrix of polynomials or rationals
  • colcomprcolumn compression of polynomial matrix
  • degreedegree of polynomial matrix
  • derivatderivative of polynomials or of rationals
  • determdeterminant of a matrix of polynomials
  • detrdeterminant of a matrix of rationals
  • diophantSolves the diophantine (Bezout) equation p1*x1 + p2*x2 = b
  • factorsfactorization in ℝ of a polynomial or a rational fraction
  • hermitHermite form
  • hornerevaluates some polynomials or rationals for given values
  • hrmtgcd of polynomials
  • htrianrtriangularization of polynomial matrix
  • inv_coeffbuild a polynomial matrix from its coefficients
  • invrinverts a matrix of polynomials or of rationals
  • lcmdiagleast common multiple diagonal factorization
  • ldivpolynomial matrix long division
  • pdivpolynomial division
  • pol2strpolynomial to string conversion
  • polfactminimal real factors of a polynomial
  • polyPolynomial definition from given roots or coefficients, or characteristic to a square matrix.
  • polyDisplayset or get the display mode of polynomials
  • polyintPolynomial integration
  • residuresidue
  • rootsroots of a polynomial
  • rowcomprrow compression of polynomial matrix
  • sfactdiscrete time spectral factorization
  • simprational simplification
  • simp_modetoggle rational simplification
  • sylmSylvester matrix of two polynomials
  • varnsymbolic variable of a polynomial or a rational
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