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fopen (Matlab function)

Open a file or obtain information about open files

Matlab/Scilab equivalent

Matlab Scilab

Particular cases

Access permission:

Matlab offers two permissions options not supported by Scilab: W and A (for tape drives)

Input values:

In Matlab, fopen('all') lists all opened files, in Scilab, this type of call for fopen does not exist. You can also use fopen in Matlab to get information on a file identifier (fopen(fid)), this case is not implemented in Scilab.

Machine format:

Note that Scilab does not support machine format values as input or output.

Matlab fopen can return an error message but not Scilab mopen, moreover, returned file identifier is -1 in case of error in Matlab but does not exist in this case in Scilab, so an emulation function has been written mtlb_fopen.

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