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Initialize the structure which will handles the parameters list


param_list = init_param(['param_name1',param_value1,...])



an initialized list of parameters (if no input parameters are shipped, this list is empty and is of type plist).


This function initialize an empty list of parameters. You must initialize the list of parameters before using it.


// Creation of an empty plist
mylist = init_param();
mylist = add_param(mylist,'minbound',[0 0 0]);

// Creation of a pre-filled plist
mylist_2 = init_param('minbound', [0 0 0], 'maxbound', [1 1 1]);

See also

  • add_param — Add a parameter to a list of parameters
  • set_param — Set the value of a parameter in a parameter list
  • get_param — Get the value of a parameter in a parameter list
  • remove_param — Remove a parameter and its associated value from a list of parameters
  • is_param — Check if a parameter is present in a parameter list
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