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get source file path of a library function


path = get_function_path(fun_name)



a string, the name of the function


a vector of strings containing:

  • absolute pathname of the function source file (.sci)
  • "<script>" if fun_name is an user-defined function written in Scilab language executed in Scilab's console.
  • "<moduleName>" if fun_name is a builtin function (so-called Scilab primitive)
  • Otherwise: [].


Given the name of a function get_function_path returns a vector containing

  • the absolute pathname of the function source file if the function is defined in a Scilab library (see lib)
  • "<script>" if the function is an user-defined function executed in the console
  • "<moduleName>" if the function is a builtin written and compiled in an external language (C, C++..)

get_function_path returns [] if fun_name does not match any library function.



See also

  • lib — loads a library of Scilab functions and variables, and sets its name
  • string — conversion to string
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