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Sections builders

  • tbx_build_blocksCompile Xcos blocks (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_build_cleanerGenerate a cleaner.sce script (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_build_loaderGenerate loader and unloader scripts (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_build_localizationBuild localization "mo" file from "po" files (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_build_srcBuild sources (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_builder_gatewayBuilds the user gateway code in sci_gateway/ subdirectory.
  • tbx_builder_helpBuild help pages of a toolbox, with possible subsections (toolbox compilation process)
  • tbx_builder_macrosCreate library(es) of a toolbox for its functions in Scilab language
  • tbx_builder_srcBuilds the user source code (non-gateway) in src/ subdirectory.
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