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Resets the historyfopt and historyxopt fields of an object.


opt = optimbase_destroy(opt)



The object of TOPTIM type (tlist).


The optimbase_destroy function resets the historyfopt and historyxopt fields at empty matrix ([]).

If the -logstartup option is set to true (%t), the optimbase_logshutdown function is called. She sets the -logstartup option at false (%f) and close the log file if the -logfile option is different to empty string.


opt = optimbase_new();
opt = optimbase_configure ( opt , "-storehistory" , %t );
opt = optimbase_histset ( opt , 1 , "-xopt" , [1.0 1.0]' );
val = optimbase_get(opt, "-historyxopt")
opt = optimbase_destroy(opt);
val = optimbase_get(opt, "-historyxopt")

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