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変換, 整形し, Scilab主ウインドウにデータを書き込む


変換, 整形し, Scilab主ウインドウにデータを書き込む (廃止)





残りのオペランドを書く際のフォーマットを定義するScilab文字列. formatオペランドは,C言語のprintfのformatオペランドと 構文にできるだけ近くなるよう作成されています, as described in the printf_conversion page. UTF-8 extended characters and numbered placeholders "%n$.." are supported.


formatパラメータに基づき変換,出力されるデータを定義します. Supported types: all numbers, booleans, strings. Only the real part of complex numbers is considered (current Scilab limitation).


mprintf(format, a1, a2, ..) replaces placeholders provided inside the format string with values of a1, a2, .. converted according to each respective placeholder directive, and writes the result to the Scilab console.

If a1, a2, .. are arrays with multiple rows, they are processed row by row: the format is used iteratively for every row of the arrays (horizontally "concatenated"), until the bottom of the least tall array is reached. Remaining rows of taller arrays (if any) are ignored. See examples.

If the total number of columns of a1, a2, .. is bigger than the number of placeholders in the format, then extra columns are ignored.

The mprintf function is an extended interface for C-coded printf.

I = (1:4)';
A = [26.93 ; 63.25 ; 40.51 ; 91.84];
B = [ 3.62 ; 15.04 ; 25.3  ; 48.19];
C = [ 4.37   28.06
     48.18   %inf
     41.48   %nan
     26.39   77.83];
Status = ["NOK" "NOK" "NOK" "OK"]';
Format = "Iteration %d: Results: A= %f   B= %2d%%  Status= %3s   C(1)= %g  C(2)= %e\n";
mprintf(Format, I, A, B, Status, C);
--> mprintf(Format, I, A, B, Status, C);
Iteration 1: Results: A= 26.930000   B=  3%  Status= NOK   C(1)= 4.37  C(2)= 2.806000e+01
Iteration 2: Results: A= 63.250000   B= 15%  Status= NOK   C(1)= 48.18  C(2)= Inf
Iteration 3: Results: A= 40.510000   B= 25%  Status= NOK   C(1)= 41.48  C(2)= Nan
Iteration 4: Results: A= 91.840000   B= 48%  Status=  OK   C(1)= 26.39  C(2)= 7.783000e+01

Supernumerary columns or rows are ignored:

A = [%T  %F  %T  %T  %F]';
B = [ 4.37   28.06
     48.18   %inf
     41.48   %nan ];
mprintf("OK? %s  Value: %4.1f\n", A, B);
--> mprintf("OK? %s  Value: %4.1f\n", A, B);
OK? T  Value:  4.4
OK? F  Value: 48.2
OK? T  Value: 41.5

Numbered placeholders "%n$.." allow reordering printed data with the format:

names = ["Peter", "Martha" "John"]';
ages  = [32 25 8]';
mprintf("%2$6s is %1$d-year old.\n", ages, names);
--> mprintf("%2$6s is %1$d-year old.\n", ages, names);
 Peter is 32-year old.
Martha is 25-year old.
  John is 8-year old.


  • printf_conversion — mprintf, msprintf, mfprintf 変換仕様
  • disp — 変数を表示
  • write — フォーマットされたファイルに書き込む
  • percentchars — Selected sets of Unicode characters


6.1.0 Numbered placeholders "%n$.." are supported in the format.
6.1.1 Input data can be boolean.
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