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choose and execute an item within a list




The function demo_function_choice choose and execute an item chosen in the variable 'demolist' that shall appear above. The variable 'demolist' is a text matrix whose first column contains item names displayed in an options window and whose second column contains the function that will be called. The title of the options window is 'Choose a demo'. If the options window is cancelled, the console is put back to its previous width.


    'Simulation of a binomial random variable','clf();BinomialT();';
    'Simulation of a discrete random variable','clf();RndDiscT();';
    'Simulation of a geometric random variable','clf();GeomT(1000);';
    'Simulation of a Poisson random variable','clf();PoissonT() ;';
    'Simulation of an exponential random variable','clf();ExpT();';
    'Simulation of a Weibull random variable','clf();WeibullT();';
    'Simulation of a hyper geometric random variable','clf();HyperGeomT();';
    'Simulation of an Erlang random variable','clf();ErlangT();'];


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