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Control flow

  • abortinterrupt evaluation.
  • breakkeyword to interrupt loops
  • casekeyword used in statement "select"
  • continuekeyword to pass control to the next iteration of a loop
  • dolanguage keyword for loops
  • elsekeyword in if-then-else and select-case-then-else
  • elseifkeyword in if-then-else
  • endend keyword
  • forkeyword entering a non-conditional loop
  • haltstop execution
  • ifkeyword for conditional execution
  • pausetemporarily pauses the running execution, and allows instructions in console.
  • resumereturn or resume execution and copy some local variables
  • returnreturn or resume execution and copy some local variables
  • selectselect keyword
  • thenkeyword in control flows 'if' and 'select'
  • catchbeginning of catch block in try-catch control instruction
  • whileOpens a block of instructions iterated on a heading condition
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